The company is committed to provide a secure working environment, by establishing and maintaining the required security protection measures to prevent unlawful acts against Company Ships, which endanger the safety and security of persons and property on board as well as equivalent measures in office.
The company expects all its employees to comply with the security requirements of the ISPS code as well as the procedures within the Office and Vessel Security Plans at all times. All Employees are expected to be familiar with their relevant security duties and the measures required to protect the Office & Vessels from any unlawful act and to deter Piracy in the Indian Ocean and in all other Piracy Areas, as identified by the Designated local & International Authorities and the Shipping Industry.
The Company’s principal objectives are to:

  • Provide security procedures and practices for the transit and operation of Ships in Piracy Areas in order to facilitate security both underway as well as in Ports and that of the wider community.
  • Establish safeguards to reduce security Risk to Crew, Port Personnel and Supernumeraries onboard Company Vessels.
  • Establish safeguards to reduce security risks in Office affecting Company Personnel.
  • Support the transit and operation of the ships in Piracy Areas by employing extra security measures where necessary such as Armed Guards, Security Escort Vessels e.t.c.
  • Improve the security skills and awareness of Company Personnel ashore and Onboard.
  • Prepare contingency measures for emergencies relating to possible security incidents both in Office as well as Onboard.
These objectives will be achieved by:
  • Issuing a Ship Security Assessment and a Ship Security Plan specific for each individual Vessel.
  • Developing an Office Security Plan based on relevant Security Assessment.
  • Complying with Industry Guidelines as stipulated in TMSA3, BMPS & Regional Security Guides.
  • Comprehensive training of all Company Personal.
  • Screening of Private Maritime Security Contractors (PMSC)
  • Actively promoting security awareness amongst all Company Personnel in Office & Outboard.
  • Conducting regular documented Reviews and internal Audits of Office & Vessel Security Procedures and Plans, in order to allow for constant update and improvement to the Office & Ship Security Plans.
The Company is committed to provide the Company Security Officer, the Master and the Ship Security Officer, the necessary support to fulfill their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the ISPS Code, Chapter XI-2 of 1974 SOLAS Convention and relevant Shipping Industry Guidelines.
The Master has the Ultimate Authority and responsibility to take decisions, which in his professional judgment, as Master, are necessary to maintain the Safety and Security of the Ship. If in the professional judgment of the Master, a conflict between any Safety and Security requirements applicable to the ship arises during its operations, the Master shall give effect to those requirements necessary to maintain the Safety of the Ship. In such cases, the Master shall implement temporary Security Measures and shall forthwith inform the Administration and, if appropriate, the Contracting Government in whose port the ship is operating or intends to enter. Any such temporary Security Measures under this regime shall, to the highest possible degree, be commensurate with the prevailing Security Level.
Signed BY CEO Digitally